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ChessClock is a two-clock standard chess timer for the iPhone. It includes an attractive analog mode as well as a digital timer, and modes for time delay options including Fischer, Bronstein, and USCF. And at $3, for owners of an iPhone or iPod Touch it is 1/10 the cost of a physical chess clock, which can run from $20 for a very basic model to over $50 for one with all of ChessClock’s features.

Tap one clock to start the other one. Tap both to stop both. Set the clock and change the settings via the info button in the corner. If you encounter a bug or problems, email

Features include:

  • Set each clock independently
  • Analog and digital modes
  • Time delay feature (Bronstein, Fischer, and USCF)
  • Highlights the currently running clock
  • Preset buttons for 5m, 30m, 1h, and 2h
  • Localizations
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