PlayBoard presents a configurable grid of images and sounds that the teacher can prepare for a student.  Several pages are available, and each page has up to twelve buttons that can be configured with images from the photo album and sounds recorded through the microphone.

It can be used for either pre-created lessons, or for students to create their own vocabulary to use and practice with during a session.

The App was conceived, designed, proposed and tested by Jenny Lisa Kass, who uses it in her music therapy practice to help special needs children.  Here is her description of how she uses it:

In my Music Therapy practice I work with adults and children with developmental delays who range in communication abilities from fully able to communicate to completely non verbal.   I use PlayBoard as an adaptive communication device for non verbal clients to be able to make song choices.  I fill the board with pictures of song titles, genres, or the artists and record myself saying the name of the song.  This app has made it possible for me to include clients who would otherwise not be able to participate by giving them a voice.

In my daily life I use this app to help my 3 year old daughter with her daily routine.  Because of the flexibility of PlayBoard I can tailor it to fit her needs which change frequently!

Here are some screenshots of PlayBoard running on the iPad with sample artwork provided by Jenny Lisa Kass (sample artwork, by Caroline Moore, is not included in the app):

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